Frequently Asked Questions

Why use SIVO On-Demand Talent?

When you need insights expertise for an open role, special project, or to cover a leave of absence, SIVO ODT is here to quickly match our talent with your needs.


How are you different or better than other talent agencies?

We specialize in Insights talent. Many talent agencies offer a breadth of talent across functions but are unable to deliver the quality Insights Talent needed to step in and make an impact from the start.  We also offer very experienced talent that are equipped to handle the work or mentor your staff.


How long does it take to get someone?

We are able to match our talent with your opportunity very quickly, typically identifying the talent within 3-5 business days. For more specific talent needs, it may take a little longer.


Can you do work globally?

Yes, we are equipped to work globally given the virtual nature of our work today. If there is a need for talent in another country, we would require additional time to find the right talent.


What skills do you offer?

We offer a wide-range of talent and skillsets form Quantitative to Qualitative with varying years of experience and levels to meet the individual needs of our clients. Please visit our homepage to learn more.

What is the typical length of a contract commitment?

There isn’t a typical length of a contract as it depends on individual client needs. We commission both short-term and long-term opportunities, varying from a few weeks, to months, to even years.


How much does it cost to get talent?

The cost is based on the level of talent needed as well as the duration of the contract.


How will I be invoiced?

We work with our clients to ensure the invoicing process works for them. Typically, a client is invoiced monthly. All terms are agreed upon up front so there are not surprises.